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The Parks Hardwood Floors crew, Spring 2005

Thanks for visiting PARKS HARDWOOD FLOORS web site. Whether you got here by searching the web or following a link, we are glad you stopped by for a visit with us. We are here to satisfy your hardwood flooring needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with satisfaction and quality. Our clients are important to us. For more information about PARKS HARDWOOD FLOORS click on the ABOUT US graphic. We have 25 years of experience in both the residential and commercial hardwood flooring industry. Wood floors enhance the beauty, value and comfort of your home, office or business.

We can help you make those home decorating dreams come true and increase the beauty and value of your property. Click on the RESIDENTIAL graphic for more information about residential wood flooring and see some great shots of residences we have completed.

click here to see our commercial installations

PARKS HARDWOOD FLOORS has extensive commercial wood flooring experience. We install numerous sub-flooring systems, finish, install molding, complete repairs, refinish and game line including lettering and logo work. Some of our commercial jobs have included many public schools, universities, churches, aerobic floors and health clubs. Our finished product is impressive. PARKS HARDWOOD FLOORS has a reputation for excellence in the commercial wood flooring industry. Clicking on the COMMERCIAL graphic will provide you with detailed information and pictures of some of our commercial finished sites.

PARKS HARDWOOD FLOORS operates and complies with the National Wood Flooring Association's "Standards of Professional Conduct". PARKS HARDWOOD FLOORS is a member in good standing of the National Wood Flooring Association and the Shasta Builders Exchange Inc.

Visit some of our links below, or click on our e-mail address to contact us. We look forward to satisfying your hardwood flooring needs. For feedback, consulting, presentation, or other information, e-mail .

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Home | About Us | Residential | Commercial | Employment Opportunities

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